2018 Gift Guide: Enamel Pins

Amanda here with our next gift guide installment!

Recently, I’ve started an enamel pin collection, and I absolutely love it. Pins are a great way to show off your hobbies, fandoms, and any other things that are integral to making you the awesome you that you are.

If you have any other gift ideas or want to tells us all about your personal Etsy Shop Of Wonderment, please email Sarah! We love finding off-the-beaten path gift ideas for our friends and loved ones (and sometimes ourselves).

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Below is my full collection of pins! I’m happy to divulge the origin of any you may think are pretty (if I can remember, of course).

My “pretty” board for extremely detailed pins.

An embroidery hoop with detailed enamel pins.

My “rando” board for just random pins.

A display of random enamel pins

My “word” board for word-based pins.

A display of word pins.

My pink and purple pin board!

A display of pink and purple enamel pins

There are lots of amazing enamel pins designs on Kickstarter, if you prefer something more one of a kind. I’m also a patron of two enamel pin Patreon campaigns from two of my favorite artists: Blushsprout and Sugarbones. Both have shops, so you don’t have to be a Patreon subscriber to check out their work. The only catch is that the Patreon campaigns are a surprise and non-subscribers may not get a chance to buy the pin at a later date.

Here are links to the Sugarbones shop and the Blushsprout shop.

Want a more direct way of cultivating a pin collection? Etsy has you covered!

Coffee and books enamel pin

Icey Designs: Coffee & Books Enamel Pin, $9.85

This shop’s pins are mainly bookish designs, from book quotes to an adorable little bookshop storefront. Also, if you’re more of a tea-drinking book lover, they have a pin for that!

A black and gold enamel pin of a wasp that reads if I be waspish best beware my sting.

Literary Emporium: Taming of the Shrew Enamel Pin, $10.02

Shakespeare and snarkiness combine! Literary Emporium at Esty has an entire collection of pins dedicated to Shakespeare heroines. Plus, there are pins to celebrate some general bookish love, to commemorate your love of Gothic literature, or tap into the painful reality of dystopian-set novels.

Pin of a white ferret in a blue turtleneck sweater

Oh Jessica Jessica: Ferret in Turtleneck Sweater Enamel Pin, $9.71

love cute pins and I don’t know if it gets any cuter than a ferret in a sweater, though the shop does have ferrets in hoodies if this doesn’t do it for you. The shop does have pins of other animals. Want a happy chameleon? They got it! Want a bunny riding a skateboard while wearing a snapback? Check!

Set of wooden pins - a Dungeons and Dragons die, a gas lamp, a stack of books, flowers in a terrarium, and a stay strong pin with a sword and pink roses.

Hari Draws: Set of Wooden Pins, $33.41

Though all of my personal pins are enamel, there is something about these wooden pins that I find to be so magical and whimsical. Seriously, these are some of the most detailed pins I’ve seen. While the whole set can be purchased, the pins are available individually for $8.02 a piece.

Angelica from the Rugrats cartoon with the phrase getting old is nothing but misery and woe

Milly Pins: Angelica Enamel Pin, $9.00

Have a friend who loves pop culture and nostalgia? Milly Pins is a perfect choice. There are pins for some throwback 90s shows (shoutout to Clarissa Explains It All), and pins for fans of The OfficeBob’s Burgers, and horror movies.

An enamel pin of Ruth Bader Ginsberg with the words supreme.

The Found Retail: Ruth Bader Ginsberg Enamel Pin, $11.00

If you’re feeling a little political right now, that’s okay. And it’s even more okay proclaim your progressiveness and feminist ideals with enamel pins! The Found Retail has “The Future is Female” pins, pink pussyhat “Resist” pins, a “Stay Woke” Maxine Waters pin, and if you’re just frustrated, they have a pin for that. It says, “Fuck Off.”

Space Kitty enamel pin. A light brown cat in a pink space suit. Its helmet is glittery.

Bored Inc: Space Kitty Glitter Enamel Pin, $10.00

As someone who just had their very own space cat tattooed on her body, I love this pin. It’s so freaking darling and I always appreciate a glittery element on a pin. It just adds a little something extra. Bored Inc. also has some pins with unicorns, unicorns eating donuts, cats riding unicorns…you get the idea.


For displaying pins, I did a little DIY by using various sized embroidery hoops and remnant fabric from a local craft store. Friends of mine alternately use cork boards and shadowboxes they’ve constructed to display their collections.

If you’re not into the DIY-ing, here are a couple options for showing off those spoils!

An off white fabric banner on a rode. A bunch of enamel pins are on display.

The Shabby Stitchery: Pin Banner, $9.99

Simple, but gets the job done and has plenty of space! This banner also comes in black for $1 more at The Shabby Stitchery.

A circular cork board with half of it painted pink.

Fill A Space: Cork Board Pin Display, $8.02

I prefer circular displays as it breaks up the square and rectangular frames that I have on my walls. The benefit of this one is that the color on the bottom half of the circle is customizable!

Are you addicted to pins yet? Have I converted you? 

We’ll be back next week with more gift ideas from the SBTB team! As always, let us know what you’d like to see or what’s top on your holiday wishlist!

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