2019 Advertisement End Of Year Offer!

The Ladies, including the newest lady, who has a blue polka dot dress and glasses and is blackThank you for your support over the past year! If you’ve purchased an ad, clicked on an ad, or purchased a book that you’ve discovered here, you help keep the hot pink palace in business. Thank you for that!

In order to thank everyone for a great year, I’m making a special offer for 2019. Ready?

Reserve a 2019 ad space of at least $100, and you will receive a free For Every Budget ad (a $50 value) redeemable any time in 2019. 


Got more details?


If you reserve an ad space of at least $100 for the 2019 year between now and 23 December 2018, you will receive a free For Every Budget ad that can be used any time during the 2019 calendar year.

Conditions apply, specifically our cancellation policy: If an ad booking is cancelled with less than 15 days notice before the start date, the advertiser is responsible for 50% of the purchased reservation price. Furthermore, if the booking is cancelled after the For Every Budget ad has been redeemed, the advertiser will be responsible for the cost of the Budget ad at $50.00 USD. Rescheduling of ads is always possible when there is availability, as we know publishing dates change and sometimes change again.

Limit one free budget ad per customer. If you are interested in booking multiple weeks or cycles please contact me if you’d like a custom proposal.

No deposit is required. Offer expires 23 December 2018 at 12pm ET.

So what’s a For Every Budget ad?

Glad you asked! The For Every Budget Ads are four-week long adspaces, and they display on long pages, such as:

What can I do with the Budget ad? 

Many things! You could reserve an ad space for a new release and save the Budget ad for a discounted title or backlist sale. Or, you could promote them both at the same time. And you don’t have to book the space for, well, books, though that’s certainly normal. We have advertisers who promote editorial services, cover design firms, consultant work, and more.

Do you design ads?

Indeed, I do. A number of the ads currently in the sidebar, in fact, were designed in-house. Feel free to ask for more information.

How do I find out what the advertising purchase options are?

Easy! Fill out this form:

* Name:

* Email:

Who are you?
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* What month are you interested in booking:

Please help us combat spam. This helps prove that you are a real person and not a spam bot:

I’ll respond with our rate schedule, and we can proceed with your booking.

Thank you for considering us for your 2019 advertisement and promotional needs. Happy holidays!

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