290. The Art and Magic of Designing Book Covers: An Interview with Regina Flath

Today I am speaking with Regina Flath, Designer, Illustrator, and book cover designer at Random House Children’s Books.

This podcast was suggested by a listener named Hannah, who heard Regina Flath speak at a panel at NY ComicCon. Regina is a designer who specializes in YA covers – and her bio is adorable. It says she’s “100% constructed from witchcraft, yarn, sewing needles, and snacks. She’s a friend to imaginary creatures everywhere.” Regina is also the designer behind some very popular covers, including When Dimple Met Rishi.

We had a LOT to talk about. You’ll hear behind-the-scenes details of cover development, the fun parts and the awful parts, and the jobs a cover has to do beyond looking alluring on a digital or physical shelf.

Regina shares how she figured out early what she wanted to do, and why she targeted book cover design and illustration.

We also learn the full story of the development of the cover, back cover, and inside images for When Dimple Met Rishi – including whose handwriting is on Rishi’s cup.

Regina also talks very candidly about diversity initiatives inside her publishing house, and the ways in which she’s often the lone diverse voice in a meeting (and how exhausting and uncomfortable that position is).

We also find out which book featuring LARPing made her extremely happy, and which romance authors are her auto buys, and where you can hear Regina regularly discussing witches in popular culture. Hint: she has a podcast.

I learned a tremendous amount from this conversation, but as I say during the interview, my favorite parts of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood were the tours of how crayons get made. This is all about how the beautiful covers we love get made. I hope you enjoy it, too.

And thank you again, Hannah, for this suggestion, and thank you Regina, for speaking with me!

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

First and foremost, please take a peek at Regina’s portfolio at her website, ReginaFlath.com – it’s terrific.

This podcast was suggested by Hannah, who attended a panel at NY ComicCon that Regina was on. The Verge has an article about the panel if you’d like to read more about it.

You can see the full When Dimple Met Rishi cover here, including the back cover image we discussed (note: large jpg at this link). And here’s an example of people recreating the cover art, which is just adorably great.

Regina also mentioned artist Luke Choice, and you can peek at his portfolio at VelvetSpectrum.com.

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