349. Keeping the Audience in Mind Always: An Interview with Melonie Johnson

Today I’m talking with Melonie Johnson, whom I first met nearly 10 years ago before she knew what RWA was. Now she’s releasing three books back to back as a debut author. Her first book, Getting Hot with the Scot, released this week – congrats, Melonie!

In this interview, we talk about her surprising and familiar path to publication, including being a Golden Heart finalist twice. She discusses the invaluable support from other writers, and the importance of inspiration and emotional joy when creating a happy place for herself as a writer, and for her future readers as well.

Melonie has been an actor, director, and drama teacher, and founded a children’s theatre, so we talk a lot about how acting, directing, and theatre training influenced and assisted her in writing romance, and in performing the audiobooks for her series.

The most important piece of advice from our conversation: how to keep the audience in mind, always.

TW/CW – Melonie talks a bit about the death of her father six years ago, and how her first book is dedicated to him.

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