359. All the Things With Trisha Brown and Jess Pryde from Book Riot’s When In Romance

Today I’m chatting with Trisha Brown and Jess Pryde from BookRiot’s When in Romance podcast. We’re going Full Meta over here: we discuss podcasting on a podcast, including different show formats, choosing topics, and how their show comes together for each episode. We talk about covering news and online conversations in romance, and about recommending books (or not) to a broad audience whose tastes you don’t always know. There’s always something to talk about in romance.

CW/TW – We also discuss the tricky parts of recommending older romances to a broader audience, and how nostalgia influences our memories of books. In that section, we do talk about the prevalence of rape in some classic historicals.

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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

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You can find Jess Pryde on BookRiot, on Twitter @JessIsReading, and on her website, JessicaPryde.com.


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