Adventures in BigStock: Let’s Get Weird with Chocolate

BigStock reached out to us about featuring their portfolio in our entries, and we had so much fun exploring, we wanted to share some of our favorite images. There are some seriously talented photographers at work in stock imagery.

There’s also a lot of gold to be mined when it comes to stock photos. Every month, we’ll share with you some great, beautiful, or downright silly things we’ve come across on BigStock. Beware of plot bunnies!

This month’s theme: Getting weird with chocolate

There are two pieces of inspiration for this one. The first is that Valentine’s Day is this month and all I really care about is getting some chocolate, discounted or otherwise.

The second piece of inspo comes the “Women Laughing Alone with Salad” meme, in which Edith Zimmerman at the Hairpin and then the internet discovered this very odd niche in stock photography.

Let’s ease on into this, shall we?

Girl eating tasty browny cake with in bedroom.

Why it’s weird: Perhaps “weird” is the wrong adjective for this one. Maybe it’s more…aggressive, given that this woman is double fisting two desserts while sitting on her bedroom floor. She’s got a big ass brownie in one hand, a macaron in the other, and a take no prisoners attitude. I want to be her when I grow up.

Photo credit: Oksanabondar | BigStock

Cute young african-american woman eating chocolate in bed at home

Why it’s weird: There’s nothing overtly strange about eating chocolate in bed. We’ve all had that moment of weakness. But not only is this person wearing white, her bedding is white, too. This is giving me some serious stress. I guarantee you if I did that, a crumb or two of that chocolate bar would wind up in my sheets. Forgotten, it would warm up when I next snuggled into bed, and I’d have that moment of panic upon seeing a little stain. Maybe it’s just me, though. I mean, her manicure is exquisite. Anyone with nails that nice probably never spills anything!

Photo credit: Dashek | BigStock

Portrait of professional fashion or vogue model lady holding a bar of white chocolate in front of her while posing for photographer.

Why it’s weird: White chocolate is the worst chocolate because it’s not even chocolate. And no, you will not change my mind. So if I were looking for a chocolate bar to whisper all my secrets into, white chocolate wouldn’t even rank on that list.

Photo credit: Lipik | BigStock

Young Asian man eating a chocolate donut cake at home.

Why it’s weird: This guy is going for it! Good for him! He’s pulling out all the stops to seduce this donut. He wants that donut to know he means business and I don’t blame him, because that donut looks fucking tasty. Also, if he can eat that donut without getting crumbs in that stache, I’ll give him fifty bucks.

Photo credit: Achi_Studio | BigStock

Laughing man with chocolate facial mask.

Why it’s weird: My pores are screaming at this! Just looking at this gives me the sudden urge to wash my face. It also seems like a waste of chocolate. You can’t even eat it whenever your facial is done because well, that’s gross. And as I discussed earlier, white fabric should be nowhere near chocolate.

Photo credit: Romario Ien | BigStock

Tall brunette covered in chocolate syrup and coffee grounds

Why it’s weird: I’m not much for interpretative dance performances, but if one of the Bitchery is, have you ever seen one where the dancers were slathered in melted chocolate? I have to wonder if the chocolate was part of this shoot, or if it was a spur of the moment decision after looking over the craft services offerings.

Photo credit: Hank Shiffman | BigStock

Why it’s weird: They’re clearly about to summon something. Need I say more?

Photo credit: Tverdokhlib | BigStock

Have you seen any strange stock images involving chocolate of any type? Remember, please use your chocolate responsibly this month!

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