Announcing Audible Romance: Unlimited Romance Audiobooks – With Giveaway!

Audible LogoCool news alert!

Audible is launching a new audiobook package for romance readers, which gives subscribers unlimited access to thousands of Audible originals, audiobooks, and bestsellers. UNLIMITED!

You can sign up right here at

Before we reveal some of the package’s features, let’s discuss the most important part: price.

Audible Romance is available for $14.95 a month on it’s own, but if you already have a monthly Audible subscription or you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, you can add the Romance package for an additional $6.95 a month.

Now let’s talk features:

  • Authors already include Nora Roberts, Sylvia Day, Jennifer Crusie, Jayne Ann Krentz, & more!
  • You can browse by subgenres (referred to as “micro-genres”) and popular character/plot tropes. As Audible puts it, “Audible Romance identifies 32 micro-genres and 122 story and character tropes that will allow listeners to explore deep into the catalog in fun ways and discover the romance titles that most appeal to their interests. Each micro-genre will have its own search page, and listeners can enjoy audio samples from each title included before diving into the full story.”
  • That’s right – you can still listen to audio samples before taking the plunge! (Phew!)
  • TAKE ME TO THE GOOD PART feature: This is a feature often requested by romance readers and listeners since they often go back to or jump forward to their favorite moments in romance novels. Audible has identified 10 sections, or “good parts” of the book that are most common for Romance readers, such as “flirty banter,” “first meeting,” and of course the “hot, hot, hot” moments.” This feature will start out on 100 titles and will be expanding to more.
  • THE STEAMINESS METER feature: Gauge the romance and content of the book by using Audible Romance’s five-level meter that ranges romances from Sweet, Simmering, Sizzling, Hot Damn, and O-O-OMG.

Amanda: I’m really excited about this. I’m slowly starting to get into audiobooks, but I could never justify paying $15 a month for one audiobook credit. But with the prospect of having unlimited access to a romance catalog is highly appealing.

I suppose my concerns rest with what books will be on offer. I’m unsure if the variety will skew more toward Audible Originals or bestselling romances.

That being said, the unlimited aspect is perfect for romance readers, who often read/listen to a metric butt-ton of books. For me, the cost of a subscription is an easier pill to swallow and I love the feature of being able to search by subgenre and trope.

Count me in!

Sarah: Ages ago, when we still lived in New Jersey, I went to a PTA event at our old school and ended up sitting next to a gentleman who worked at Audible (they are headquartered in Newark). I asked that poor dude a thousand and a half questions, like how the software could keep track of where I am in an audiobook and can keep my place in an ebook at the same time, and what the reaction to the syncing feature had been. I bet he wished he’d sat next to someone else. (Kidding – he had a bunch of questions for me, too, as to how I as a reader used ebooks and audiobooks. Best PTA evening ever.)

Now I want to sit down with the folks who came up with this program because oh, my stars, I think this is brilliant. It’s a digital fortress of romance audiobook catnip and I can think of at least five people I know who would adore a membership like this one. I hope the Audible Romance servers are ready.

And we have a three month membership to give away, thanks to Audible! 

Standard disclaimers apply: we are not being compensated financially for this giveaway, though we are also receiving one membership for internal use. That noise you hear is Amanda’s excitement. Please don’t be alarmed. Open to US residents age 18 and over. Must be ready to listen to all the good parts, start to finish. Void where prohibited. We recommend earbuds and crafting for your audiobook listening. Comments will close Monday, 6 November, at 12pm ET and winner will be announced shortly afterward.

To enter, just leave a comment below! What you think of this new Audible option? Are you curious, too?

Thanks again to Audible for the membership! Please give your servers some cookies and tea.

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