April Fools 2018: We Still Want to Feed You!

It’s time for the annual tradition of “Gee, I kinda wish that weren’t a joke” April Fool’s Day gags here at SBTB.

I know many, many people really dislike April Fool’s Day, and I get it. It’s hard enough to know what’s true, and I’ve fallen for many a well-written prank on April 1. (I totally fell for the one about what was in Prince’s fridge years ago.)

But I also love coming up with silly and affectionate April Fool’s Day pages – so this year?

Smart Dishes Trashy Cooks: white lettering on top of a bowl of somewhat suggestive red chili peppers with the words a cookbook and drinking guide for readers from the ladies of SBTB at the bottom April Fools!Smart Dishes, Trashy Cooks! 

Drink and cocktail concoctions! Recipes for small plates and easy-to-make, easy-to-eat foods you can devour with one hand because heaven forbid you have to put down your book!

Really, we all just want to feed you, make you a drink you’ll enjoy, and make sure you have books to read. That’s it.

A white flat box with a quadrant of ladies on the top, and Smart Bitches Tasty Snacks on the front

This is, of course, not the only time we’ve wanted to feed everyone on April Fools.

Back in 2016 we made snack box subscriptions, including one for you and one for your pet.

We’ve fallen in love with rabbits, made our own social media network in 2014 complete with hoax-detection technology (wow, wish THAT had been real!), and offered customized book review order forms.

And one of my all-time most-favorite April Fool’s Day?

Smart Bitches wearable - a black wide bracelet with a screen on the face that tracks pages read, podcast time left, and money saved on deals. At the bottom is a STOP TIME button
Ah, the Smart Bitches Smart Watch!

Our 2015 Time-stopping wearable device that doubles as a reader, pedometer, page counter, audio device, sale alarm, and timekeeper.

It stops time so we can read more. I love it so much.

Our complete list of silliness is below, should you wish to take a trip down WTF-Lane.

Otherwise, stay hydrated, keep reading, and Happy April, everyone!

Happy April, folks. See you next year!

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