April Fools 2019! Yep, More Food!

It’s time for the annual tradition of April Fool’s Day gags here at SBTB. I know so many people dislike April Fool’s Day, and I get it, I really do.

But I also love coming up with silly and affectionate April Fool’s Day pages – so this year?


A brown paper bag full of suggestive sausage with Smart Butchers Trashy Books

Smart Butches, Trashy Books!

There are subscription book boxes, and there are subscription boxes for food, but why not both?

So, this year? We’re butchers, and we have boxes of meat and hot sauce because there is no limit to the number of jokes Amanda and I can make about sausage, nor can we stop coming up (hur) with terrible names for hot sauces.

Want to look back at some of our past April Fool’s editions? Here are a few of my favorites.

Back in 2016 we made snack box subscriptions, including one for you and one for your pet. (Now, with businesses like Bark Box, that’s actually a thing! That’s hilarious.)

We’ve fallen in love with rabbits, and  made our own social media network in 2014 complete with hoax-detection technology (wow, wish that had been real).

Smart Bitches wearable - a black wide bracelet with a screen on the face that tracks pages read, podcast time left, and money saved on deals. At the bottom is a STOP TIME button
Ah, the Smart Bitches Smart Watch!

And one of my all-time most-favorite April Fool’s Day?

Our 2015 Time-stopping wearable device that doubles as a reader, pedometer, page counter, audio device, sale alarm, and timekeeper.

It stops time so we can read more. I love it so much.

We’ll be back next year with more silliness, but until then, Happy April, folks. See you next year!

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