Cover Awe: Costuming

This Cover Awe, we’re talking about great costuming on romance covers! Now I will fully admit that I picked all of the covers below, so it’s fully my fault if you hate them. What I also enjoy about this feature is we get to discuss what elements of a cover work for us and what doesn’t. Sometimes, we disagree!

A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole. A black man and woman stand before a staircase. The woman is wearing a gorgeous teal and purple patterned dress. She has a crown in her hand. The hero is lifting her up and is wearing a suit.

Amanda: Sarah did a podcast episode with Alyssa on the costuming and you should all go listen to it. But I love the cute dress, like it’s something I could wear, which I love. I also love how the hero’s bow tie is coordinated!

RHG: I love this one.

Elyse: That dress is just breathtaking.

Sarah: I’m entirely biased since I know so much of the story behind this picture, but I love so much about it.

CarrieS: I love the colors!

The Belles by Dhonielle Claton. A black woman has her back to the camera. Her dress has a white top and open back with a red skirt. She has flowers in her hair and a deep pink eyeshadow. She's looking over her shoulder at the camera.

Amanda: Though you can’t see her entire outfit, the whole picture really is something. The make up, the flowers, the hair, and that eye contact. IT’S EYE CONTACT DONE RIGHT. Man, I just want to see the bottom half of her dress. Or is it separates? Please let it be separates.

RHG: I also love this one. That is a BACK.

Sarah: I love the defiance of her expression, and the number of flowers in her hair.

CarrieS: I just can’t picture what happens if she turns her head. Are there more flowers or what? What’s keeping them on there? But I have to agree that her expression is Not Messing Around.

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton cover. A woman in a gorgeous peach-colored dress, sitting on a turquoise couch. She's wearing dark lipstick and there's a beach landscape of Cuba.

Amanda: There are so many little touches that make this dress a standout – the pearls, feather hair accessory, and that dark lip. I also adore how the color of the dress blends into the pinkish sky. Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, I have no idea.

Sarah: I don’t usually do cover reveals here, but when I saw this cover, I gasped out loud. It conveys so much – with so little in terms of imagery. Just gorgeous.

CarrieS: I would like to see less cleavage and more face if for no other reason than to get to see the whole hat! Otherwise, love it.

Wild Card by Karina Halle. The cover is from the chest up of the hero. He's wearing a cowboy hat and has a thick, wool pullover on.

Amanda: A hero cover! The hero in this book is a cowboy and I like how he’s actually dressed by someone who probably works outside in inclement weather. He’s not blasting his nips or showing off his abs next to some fence in a field.


I need to go lie down now.

CarrieS: I agree, that sweater is a lot sexier than all those abs I keeping seeing on cowboy covers.

Moonglow by Kristen Callihan. A woman with tousled blonde hair is wearing a deep green dress. She's in an ethereal looking forest with a lantern in hand.

Amanda: I think all of the Darkest London books by Callihan are kind of powerful and dreamy. But that dress looks like it was MADE FOR just sulking through a forest with a lantern. And I desperately wish my hair could pull off that artfully tousled look.

Sarah: The balance of color really works for me, but I don’t believe that you wander around in the forest with a lantern and no jacket. AREN’T YOU COLD, MA’AM? Also, where exactly is the wind coming from?

CarrieS: I like the dreamy atmosphere but I too feel a need to give this woman a cardigan. Also, is that a train in the back? In the woods? That’s not a good idea.

Amanda: Maybe it’s a balmy forest, Sarah! I do think the series is undergoing a cover revamp because the ebooks seem to have different designs, which I also love for their minimalist qualities.

What do you think of the covers above? Do you have any favorite romance covers with gorgeous clothing?

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