Cover Awe: Not the Usual

Welcome to Cover Awe! This is where we discuss covers that catch our eye. In this edition, several of the covers break with convention on what we typically see. Let us know what you think!

Buried in Lies by T.L. Smith. A nude woman with her legs and arms carefully arranged over her chest and to hide her private area. The woman is curled up on her side, but you can see some rolls on her belly and some muscle definition in her arms. The cover has a dark, greenish hue with glowing plant life and purple leaves.

Elyse: I’ve talked a lot about thrillers and the commodification of female bodies, but this woman looks strong and powerful to me

And I like that her stomach isn’t perfectly flat.

Sarah: That’s really interesting. I dislike the pose and the objectification in the framing. I agree with you about her strength and the way her abdomen isn’t airbrushed to impossible smoothness.

Amanda: I don’t know if it’s a cover I’d be drawn to, but I do like Elyse’s point about the woman’s body. Also, her arms are amazing.

I do like the color scheme of black, purple, and this shiny green/teal color.

CarrieS: I don’t like the implications of it being for a thriller.

The Governess Game by Tessa Dare. A couple is gentle embracing. The hero is leaning up against a desk. He has just pants on. The heroine is in a white, off the shoulder dress. Or it could be sheets wrapped around her. She's standing close to him and they're looking into each other's eyes. The room has a sunny, golden hue.

Amanda. I kind of love the way he looks at her.

Sarah: Wow that’s a cover

Elyse: It conveys intimacy in a way a lot of covers don’t.

I find it interesting how often the hero/heroine aren’t looking at each other on cover art.

Amanda: Yes! The eye contact on this is extremely important.

CarrieS: I like the color scheme – it glows.

Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria. The cover looks like it's set underground. There's a giant golden skull with a winding, spiral staircase leading up to it. In the background are shadowy columns.

Amanda: This cover gives me the spooks in the best way.

Elyse: It’s creepy, but striking

CarrieS: I like that it communicates what the book is (I assume). Some people love grimdark fantasy and some don’t, so you know right away whether you should pick the book up or not.

When Love Calls by Sharon C. Cooper. An older Black couple looks at one another with big smiles on their faces. They are adorable.

Elyse: Omg a cover that features people who are not 22. And look genuinely pleased to be with each other.

Amanda: Yeah, they’re not in a weird embrace where it looks like the heroine is struggling to get away.

Elyse: Or needs chiropractic care. Romance heroines: vertebrae optional.

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