Cover Snark: Beware of Worm

Cover Snark is here for all your Monday needs! Enjoy!

For the Love of Nick by Jill Shalvis. A man who looks very much like Paul Ryan is shirtless and in bed. A woman is cozied up next to him and he looks very confused about it.

From Rom: I was going through my bookcase and found the 2002 edition cover of Jill Shalvis’ For the Love of Nick. There are so many things about it that are just… a bit off-kilter, that I highly recommend investigating it.

Sarah: There does not appear to be a lot of love there. Or comfort. Or relaxation.

RHG: Oh my god, that looks kind of like Paul Ryan.

Sarah: OMG.

And they look so stiff in a not-good way.

Amanda: I’m getting more of a Ted Cruz vibe, but it’s still pretty awful.

CarrieS: It looks like she’s totally into him but he’s thinking of someone else. Possibly Nick.

Elyse: It’s like Paul Ryan made out of silly putty.

Maverik's Ashes by Sandra Neely. A manbunned and bearded hero stands shirtless in an ashen wasteland. He has tattoos on his chest. He's looking down at his crotch, which is on fire with fingers coming out of the flames.

From W. Thanks W!

Amanda: That’s a pretty small fire. It also looks like more fingers are coming out of it, though I believe those are his own fingers.

Elyse: Only you can prevent pube fires

Sarah: That one finger in the middle of the fire right above the apostrophe and the “S” is really quite mesmerizing. And he doesn’t look all that concerned about the actual fire, which is even more alarming.

RHG: He knows he just had to use the cream again. He’s had this problem before

Sarah: You mean when the burning and itching flare up?

RHG: Yup. Yeast infection, most likely.

Sarah: Looks like it got a little out of hand.

RHG: Badumbum!

Beware Of Worm In Your Anus, a Guide Book About The Danger Of Worm In Your Baby And How To Avoid It by David Jems. A man is facing away from the cover and he's wearing a white shirt and jeans. He's clutching his butt.

Elyse: Butt worms.

You can get beef flavor chews for those.

Sarah: Wait…

You know, never mind. I’m just going to…back away.

Amanda: Just make sure you beware of worm, Sarah.

Sarah: In Your Anus, yes. Am now aware. And wary.

RHG: Also beware of WOrm.

CarrieS: What genre is this? What is happening? Why is it worm, singular? I have science questions. Shouldn’t it be “Beware of Worm in your digestive organs?” Sidenote: Ringworm is not caused by worms. It’s fungal.

Lightning Blade by D.N. Erikson. A woman stands in front of a black shadowy cityscape. There is a blue glow around her as she holds a shotgun across her shoulders. The woman looks very familiar.

Elizabeth S: Possible cover snark – is it me or does the model look exactly like Emma Stone with dark hair?

Sarah: Either that or Keira Knightley. Did someone merge them? Isn’t there an app for that? Is it making book covers now!?

Elyse: It’s one of those “if they had a baby” things.
Amanda: There’s no trigger on that gun, which is some mega gun safety. A+

CarrieS: That’s a gun, not a blade.

Elyse: Like HiddlesHem

A face mash up between Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth

It’s some uncanny valley shit

Sarah: That is seriously uncanny valley

Like my skin is crawling.

Elyse: RIGHT

He’s definitely a robot here to kill us all

Sarah: By tempting us into something. Like the hot tub of doom.

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