Cover Snark: We Need a CSI Team

Sometimes the time between Cover Snarks goes quickly and other times, it feels like ages since the last one. For me, it’s the latter this time. Regardless, enjoy!

The Note 2 by Angela Hunt. An older couple are sitting in front of a fireplace, with a note in their hands. They're staring directly at the reader with big smiles on their faces.

Amanda: This is not some hokey marriage memoir like I thought.

Elyse: I bet that note is about swinging.

The more I look at it, the more I think that couple are serial killers.

“The secret to our marriage is a murder-pact!”

RHG: The Hallmark channel doesn’t know about swinging.

Sarah: Ted McGinley’s expression is scaring me.

“She’s about to take this note from my hand. I will not let her. Then I will return through my conveniently-placed hell portal to the realm where I belong.”

CarrieS: “We are the Ghosts of Suburbs Past.”

Cart Before the Horse by Bernadette Marie. Strange title aside, the cover features the back of a bride in a lace up dress, holding her bouquet behind her back.

Amanda: Is the bride the cart or the horse? Either answer would offend me greatly.

Sarah: Maybe the flowers are the horse, because she’s holding them behind her. Wait, is this a coded message?

Spellbinder by Thea Harrison. A hero has his shirt open and his pec-shape is cause for concern. There also seems to be a milky white fluid being flung from his hand.

From Ann-Marie – thank you Ann-Marie!

RHG: Uh…

Sarah: You’re seeing it, too, right?

RHG: He needs a mammogram.

Sarah: Definitely needs a mammogram.

I’m worried about the visual differences between his pecs, and I know differences in shape and size are a signal to watch out for in breast cancer.

And that’s like a 6lb difference, I think.

Elyse: I…it looks like he ejaculated.

Hand placement over the R.

Sarah: Wait, so maybe that’s his superpower? EXCELLENT SUPERPOWER.

Maybe this guy can stand behind women who are breast feeding and fire at will at any crapnozzle who tries to give her a hard time about it.

I’m liking this guy more and more.

Elyse: Seriously, tell me that’s not ejaculate

Sarah: The trajectory suggests the right pec may have been the origin, though….

Elyse: We need some CSI level analysis. Like with lasers and shit.

Play Fling by Amber Scott. A man and woman from the shoulders up are canoodling at the top of the cover. Then, at the bottom is a torso turned away from the reader. It looks as though one of the giant heads above might below to the tiny body below.

Amanda: I genuinely thought the woman’s large head was on that tiny lower body.

Sarah: Oh gosh me too

I was very confused how many arms she had.

RHG: Why…

CarrieS: The “play” involves cutting up people parts and then gluing them together. It’s the only explanation.

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