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When I saw Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors announced, I knew I had to do a cocktail post for it. I’ve done one for a previous Sonali Dev release and it was incredibly yummy. Dev’s books always seem to have delicious food elements, which serve as wonderful inspiration.

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors
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The cover is beautiful with its rich red and yellow color combo, and I wanted to mirror that in the drink’s look. Pomegranate juice adds a lovely tartness and the fruit is rather popular in Middle Eastern and South Asian foods. Carrie already mentioned that you shouldn’t read the book while hungry, but if you do, at least you’ll have a tasty drink recipe handy.

If you’ve never read a Dev romance, you’re in for a treat. I wouldn’t necessarily call them “bubbly,” but her books often do a great job balancing tricky family dynamics with soft, light moments. The acidic flavors of lemon and pomegranate in this spritzer are tempered by a sweet white wine and the fizz of club soda.

The name: Fools in Love. I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring Jane Austen into this because “we are all fools in love.”

Drink ingredients in front of a sunny window

Shopping list:
White wine
Club soda
Pomegranate juice

2oz. white wine
2oz. pomegranate juice
2oz. lemon juice


  1. Super simple!
  2. Pour pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and white wine into a glass.
  3. Top with club soda.

Modifications and notes:

  • For white wine, I used a sauvignon blanc, but a riesling would be nice too! Or, if you want more bubbles, a sparkling wine is a good option.
  • You want equal parts of the wine and two juices. For 2oz. of lemon juice, I used two lemons. Adjust as needed.
  • Want it even fizzier? Add more club soda, though it’s all dependent on the side of your glass when compared with the 6oz. of other ingredients.
  • To really enjoy this, make sure you’re drinking it on some sunny veranda.

A purplish red drink in a fluted glass next to a copy of Pride, Prejudice, & Other Flavors by Sonali Dev

Cheers, everyone!

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