Giveaway: A Far, Far Better Thing to Do–A Lit Lover’s Activity Book

Man, we’re just doing giveaways right and left!

For all you coloring book lovers and readers who sometimes need a bit of stimulation, please check out A Far, Far Better Thing to Do: A Lit Lover’s Activity Book by Joelle Herr, with illustrations of Lindsey Spinks.

And to make it even cooler, we have three (3) copies to give away!

Here is the activity book’s description, which gives you a hint of what you’ll find inside:

Nothing captures the imagination quite like classic literature — the warmth of Little Women, the mystery of Dracula, and the heart-racing suspense of Moby Dick have inspired generations of readers.

A Far, Far Better Thing to Do pairs these treasured books with a witty, light-hearted sensibility, giving lit lovers 65 engaging activities to tease their brains and unleash their creativity. From word searches and connect-the-dots to coloring pages and quizzes, these charming activities infuse our best-loved texts with a fresh, modern spin and just the right level of challenge.

A celebration of reading — and readers — A Far, Far Better Thing to Do is sure to delight bookworms of all ages!

As someone who is a word search and crossword addict, I’m ALL FOR THIS!

The illustrations inside are also romantic and delicate. Here are a few images done by Lindsey Spinks:

A collection of classic books on a shelf - Moby Dick, The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, and Wuthering Heights

A black and white drawing of a pretty woman in a flowing dress, sitting in a chair with a large mirror nearby

A cute illustration of a cat sitting up.

What do you think of the artwork? Cute, right? There’s something so dainty about it.

To enter for a chance to win one of three copies, tell us which book would give inspiration to a great activity! A maze for Captain Ahab to find his white whale? A coloring page for The Secret Garden with all manner of shrubs and flowers?

Standard disclaimers apply: We are not being compensated for this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Open to US and Canadian residents where permitted by applicable law. Must be over 18. No need to stay in the lines while coloring. Creativity is not a must, though always encouraged! Feel free to do the activities in pencil, though in the words of Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” Comments will close Friday October 20, 2017 around noon EDT, and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck, everyone!

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