HaBO: Aphrodisiac Drug on an Island Resort

This HaBO request is from Ms. A, who is hoping to find this contemporary romance. Content warning for consent issues below:

I read this book in 2001 or 2002. I’m guessing it was from the late 90s, definitely a Harlequin, maybe a Harlequin Superromance?

The man was the boss of a company, and the woman worked for him. They got married for business/convenience reasons. There was a lot about how they physically “fit” together, and how surprising it was, since they had had a purely professional relationship until then.

Soon after they got married, they went to some sort of work-related getaway to an island resort. While there, the heroine gets drugged with an aphrodisiac by the villain woman (who herself was a pawn of some larger organization), but luckily our hero was around to treat our heroine by having sex with her…

This happened several times.

Oh boy. Anyone know this one?

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