HaBO: Brothers Thought They Were Twins

This HaBO request is from Sharon, who is trying to track down a series:

I recently (within the past year or so) read several books in a series. The next two were to be be about two brothers, the other books were about other siblings, mostly or all brothers. They had been raised as fraternal twins, but it was revealed that one was actually the son of the father’s girlfriend and his wife raised them as twins. After this was revealed, the boys or at least the half-brother left town and moved to a town that had a holiday theme, possibly Christmas.

The author may have another series based in this town. Other details I may be conflating from another series: some of the brothers work as car mechanics, father was in a biker gang. I think when I read the books the “ex-twins” books had not been published, or I couldn’t find them on any subscription sites.

Hope this rings a bell with someone.

There is a lot going on here! Anyone recognize this?

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