HaBO: Family Drama with Three Sisters

This HaBO request is from M.B. and they’re looking for a family-centric contemporary romance:

It’s a contemporary romance with family drama involving I believe 3 sisters. The heroine is the middle child, who has been estranged from her family because of something that happened when she was a teen ( sexual abuse?), and her family didn’t believe her (NOT ELISE ALDEN’S BOOK).

She still talks to her younger sister and they get along fine, but her parents and her older sister are mean and judgmental towards her.

When she gets back into town, she see her ex-boyfriend and hooks up with him but they do not stay together. She finds out she is pregnant by the ex who was and is in a relationship that he didn’t tell her about.

She moves into an apartment/house and the next door neighbor is the hero of story.

I’ve been looking for this book since last year hopefully some one recognizes the plot.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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