HaBO: Gas Saves Horse From Being Buried Alive

This HaBO is from Amanda (not me) and she’s looking for this historical romance:

I have a HaBO request. I’ve been looking for the title of this book for months and I’ve had no luck. Careful (and random!) Google searches have yielded nothing. I’m hoping someone at the Bitchery has a better memory than I do.

This is what I remember: It’s a historical romance. Probably Regency, or maybe Victorian. The hero and heroine had a difficult courtship, full of sharp but delightful banter. (I think they were pushed together to avoid a scandal.) The couple were in the city, I think London or Bath, when the following happened: I vividly remember the hero digging a grave for his faithful steed because he thought it was dying, until the horse farted. Saved by colic! The heroine had stayed outside with him (and the horse) for the entire night. This was a turning point in the couple’s relationship.

That’s everything I can recall.

I didn’t choose two horse-related HaBOs on purpose. Fate intervened, I swear.

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