HaBO: Hair Grooming Tips Using Orange Juice Cans

This HaBO request is from Laura and she wants to find this YA/Teen romance:

This is a teen romance that I probably read in my high school years, which would have been 1987-1991. I’d guess it was published anywhere from 5-10 years before I read it. It was a thin book, mass market paperback, and I’d expect it was part of a teen romance series. Maybe something like First Love from Silhouette, but I haven’t been able to figure out the title by looking at that or other similar series.

Main character (MC) is starting high school. Her brother is older than her – probably a junior or senior, and his girlfriend (who is, of course, very popular) has been mentoring  the MC so she can be popular, too. This primarily seemed to focus on grooming and having the “right friends” (what else would be important?).

Grooming tips included rolling her hair around empty orange juice cans, so it was smooth and not frizzy ,and learning how to do her makeup.

The “right friends” meant, of course, popular friends, not really the MC’s best friend,  who happened to be overweight (THE HORROR). It is VERY judgmental of weight problems – in one scene at some fancy event/party, the MC’s mother says to MC’s best friend that what best friend is wearing “disguises her figure well.”

So, MC starts high school and all is going swimmingly, except somehow she ended up in drama class instead of the elective she was supposed to take. Or maybe she didn’t get a part in the play but ended up on the crew? She ends up doing the lighting with a Cute Boy – I remember they had to cut gel so lighting could be colored for specific scenes. Unfortunately, Cute Boy is not in the right crown. But he’s SUPER NICE. He brings her an orange (?) soda one day when they’ve been working, and it was so good because she didn’t realize how thirsty she was.

At the end,  the play is put on, it was a success, and MC+Cute Boy are together and MC+Best Friend are all friendly again and older brother + girlfriend and MC’s parents are letting MC do her own thing.

Has anyone else read this teen romance?

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