HaBO: Heroine’s Life Ruined by an Older Man

This HaBO request is from Tilly. Content warning for the description below:

This is a two part, about a book and then I’m also curious if anyone knows what happened to the imprint.

This is a book from the mid-90s, a Regency romance where a young woman is getting married to a man she loves. On her wedding day, this random older man who has a huge grudge against her whole family shows up, says he has the right to rape her before her husband does, and then takes her away to destroy her life and through her, her whole family. By the first quarter of the book he has basically succeeded, her family is disgusted by her, her husband won’t talk to her, and no one will receive her.

I don’t know if it somehow redeemed itself from that beginning because I borrowed it from my grandma when I was 10 and never finished it. I just want some closure! If anyone can tell me what it is or how it ends, I have wondered about this for years.

And then I am also curious about the publisher that put it out–they were really popular and had a cover template of title and author on a solid background, then a ribbon that met in the middle below the title with a bouquet, and then really sedate illustrations that were always fully dressed people/couples/families in Regency dress. I remember one of their popular authors was “Isobel Linton”. Do any of you remember this imprint? What happened to it? It was so cute and their romances were–except for this book–mostly sweet and thoughtful.

The heroine just needs to throw all the men away. Jeez.

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