HaBO: Mind-Controlling Fairy Disguised as an Elegant Lady

This HaBO request comes from Diana. She wants to find this book, mainly to see if a sequel exists. Content warning for the loss of a child and abuse:

I am trying to remember the name of a book that I’m not sure I liked, but whose sequel I still somehow want to read.

It involved a modern day woman who accidentally travels to another world during a walk. She goes up a hill and there is… a cemetery? a garden? She meets a super elegant lady who turns out to be a fairy who mind controls her so that she’ll marry and breed with the fairy’s son. The son is an asshole and also turns into a dragon sometimes I think.

She gets pregnant but miscarries when the son (who is maybe a fairy prince?)… throws her down the stairs during a fight or something?

Anyway then there is a crotchety wizard who rescues her and then grudgingly teaches her magic while feeling tortured feelings. At the end, she goes back to her own time, assures her family that she is not dead, and is convinced by her sister that she should go back to the sexily withholding wizard because it’s just like Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. At this point I literally yelled, “Oh my god stop taking romantic advice from 13 year olds and have a talk with your sister about how she should be treated by others!”

But it turns out I am actually a sucker for maladjusted crotchety awkward grumpsters who need you to teach them how to love, so now I really want to read the sequel. Please help!

All I can say is…wow. Wow. Wow. WOW.

Sarah: “Maladjusted crotchety awkward grumpsters” should be a tag and an entire line of novels.

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