HaBO: The Footballer’s Virgin Wife

This second HaBO is also from Tanvee, who is searching for something more contemporary:

The second book is a contemporary sports romance – titled something like the footballer’s virgin wife?

Essentially a footballer married his coach’s daughter at 18 and then they separated almost immediately due to misunderstandings created partly by the coach I think. The book opens a few years after that, when the hero returns to the same town where his estranged wife lives and they coincidentally end up in the same house wearing very few clothes (yay for proximity?).

For some reason have to end up pretending like they are no longer estranged for maybe publicity purposes? And then basically they have to share a house and there are many misunderstandings and sexytimes and then they finally end up together.

This is also part of a series and one of the books is maybe about the hero’s sister and another teammate/current coach?

Catnip check: small town, forced proximity, second chances!

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