HaBO: Triad Historical Romance

This HaBO comes from Em, who is searching for this erotic historical romance:

I hope someone will be able to identify this book. It’s part of a series that focuses on a specific family but this may have been about a family friend instead. It’s a period (I think Victorian? Maybe Edwardian?) novel, and basically has two men that end up in a relationship with the heroine.

In one part of the book they dress the heroine in boys clothes and bring her to a gentleman’s club. She’s thrilled to set foot in a place that is normally forbidden to her and the excitement leads to them having a threesome in an alley. Or maybe they only start on the threesome? It’s possible that they got interrupted by someone who thought some illegal gay sex was going on and they had to run for it.

The heroine marries one of the men in the end, but the three of them live happily ever after together in a remote country estate.

I’m afraid that’s all I remember! Thanks for any leads.

As someone who thinks triad or poly romances are a great solution in romance, I have a personal interest in this one!

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