In a Badger Way: A Dreamcast

We’re doing another dreamcast/fancast and I’m so excited. I previously did one for Roomies by Christina Lauren, in case you missed it. 

In a Badger Way
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This post is sponsored by Kensington Books to celebrate the release of In a Badger Way by Shelly Laurenston.

Both Sarah and I are excited to return to the world of the MacKilligan honey badger sisters and all of their over the top adventures. While I’m anxiously awaiting Max’s book (because she’s my absolute fave), I’m very curious about the main couple of Stevie and Shen Li.

Sarah: I am delighted every time I pick this book up to start reading (and there’s so much of it). I am sending pics of my Kindle screen to people, I’m chortling out loud – it’s bad.

Amanda: For those new to dreamcasts, this is where we all look at pictures of beautiful people for the sake of building our “dream cast” if this book were ever made into a TV or movie. Budgets are of no consequence. We can cast anyone we want!

Main Couple


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Stevie: Out of everyone, Stevie was one of the most difficult casting decisions. I went with AnnaSophia Robb for her. AnnaSophia is a petite actress and should be able to fit into cabinets with ease! She played Violet Beauregarde in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which gives me hope that she’ll be able to nail Stevie’s panicky and anxious personality.


Chinese actor and model Hu Bing in a suit


Shen Li: The quiet Giant Panda shifter! Now, Chinese actor and model Hu Bing is a little on the older side, but come on! This man is gorgeous and can easily play characters ten years in either direction. He exudes the “strong, silent type” and looks fantastic in a suit, which is what all bodyguards wear, right?


The MacKilligan Sisters

Black actress, Lashana Lynch, looking cozy in a light blue and white PJ set.


Charlie: The oldest MacKilligan sister, voice of reason, and expert baker! If this actress looks familiar, it’s because it’s Lashana Lynch who is in Captain Marvel. I loved her performance as Carol’s best friend and foundation. Lynch would be the perfect choice for holding all the sisters together.


Chinese actress Li Bingbing with a severe bob, wearing a black, gauzy shirt.


Max: I was talking to Sarah about how Max has that BDE (big dick energy). (Sarah: That’s a Texas-sized 10-4.) Max is confident, a little bonkers, and will fuck you up in a heartbeat. I wanted to find someone chic, but dangerous for Max and went with Chinese actress Li Bingbing. Li has starred in several action movies like The Meg and Resident Evil: Retribution, so I’m certain she can handle all the trouble Max gets into.


The Dunn Triplets

Actor Alexander Skarsgard in a black tee shirt and dark jeans.


Berg: Berg is Charlie’s grizzly shifter hero and anytime I need a tall blond man for a dreamcast, I always imagine Alexander Skarsgard. I mean, look at him. There are definitely worse choices out there. Most known for his role as Eric Northman in the True Blood seriesSkarsgard is the king of “speak softly and carry a big stick.”


Tall blonde actress Gwendoline Christie wearing a black shift dress and flexing


Britta: BRITTA! I hope Britta gets her own book because she is a powerhouse. (Sarah: Oh, gosh, me as well. There is no sequel bait like Laurenston sequel bait.) Britta also steals every scene she’s in and can deftly handle her two grizzly bear brothers. I want to see Gwendoline Christie in more things, even if it’s just my Shelly Laurenston dreamcast.


A man in a flannel pulling his long brown hair up into a ponytail


Dag: I feel like we don’t know a whole lot about Dag, except for that he’s kind of the goofy brother. He never has a clue what’s going on and is always in the background waiting for someone to tell him what to do. But he’s good at taking direction and loves his siblings. For a big, brawny goofball, I went with model and actor Brock O’Hurn. And yes, it might have been just an excuse to post this gif.



Actor Asa Butterfield in a houndstooth suit with black-rimmed glasses.


Kyle Jean-Louise Parker: Kyle is the main reason why Shen Li is in Stevie’s life. I’m also including him because we were all obsessed with this smarmy, sculptor prodigy when we discussed Hot and Badgered at my romance book club. Asa Butterfield is exactly what imagine Kyle to look like, and the glasses are a necessity.


Actor Jonathan Tucker looking greasy chic in a t-shirt, worn jeans, and boots.


Dutch: In terms of secondary characters, Dutch is my soft spot. He’s a bit of an anti-hero and a wolverine shifter. He loves a good scheme and puts Max up on a pedestal. I so hope he winds up being Max’s hero in her book, but I’m not holding my breath. Actor Jonathan Tucker is great when it comes to playing “bad boys” and I waxed poetic about his wispy mustache in Westworld in a previous podcast.

What do you think of my dreamcast? Who do you picture for Stevie and Shen Li? 

Thanks again to Kensington for sponsoring this post!

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