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Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.Happy Wednesday! Please bear with me as I’ve been up since 6:30am to squeeze in some gym time and attend my rearranged therapy appointment before Boston gets snow. If all goes according to plan, I will be napping by the time you all are reading this.

Did you know that actress Krysten Ritter (of Netflix’s Jessica Jones) is a fantastic knitter? I did not! But check out this video of Ritter giving some knitting tips to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

Thanks to Mari for sending this link my way! Author Brenda Jackson is on episode three of the This is Love podcast, which examines all sorts of facets of love and romance. There are also some adorable pictures of Jackson on the podcast’s website.

Culture editor at Elle, Estelle Tang, took a cue from Armie Hammer’s Instagram and committed to wearing tracksuits for a week:

Gotta say, this trash baby is enjoying not having to decide what to wear. When I wake up, my thoughts immediately fly to Le Tracksuit: my constant companion, my humble friend. I put on the same tracksuit from yesterday because 1) nobody saw me wear it and 2) it didn’t touch my skin because of the under layers, so it’s basically clean. Perhaps unwisely, I engage in my customary 23 minutes of half-assed exercise, but because of the tracksuit it really feels more full-assed this time, you know? I really am basically Sporty Spice; my squats are undeniably on point today. Luckily, I do not work out hard enough to sweat, because I have to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Look, I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but in my cozy ‘fit I feel completely at home amongst some of the world’s most treasured artifacts. I get lost on my way to the café where I’m meeting friends for tea and cake, but I’m not even annoyed or stressed. This tracksuit repels anxiety. My friends do not say anything about my outfit, and I have a brief moment of retrospective concern. Is my sudden all-athleisure thing not much of a surprise? Do they think I am a slob? The moment passes, because frankly, I do not care much about that.

This article charmed my pants off and I think Tang deserves a book deal because her writing voice is amazing!

Author Roxane Gay was over at The Guardian discussing workplace dress codes and the history of men controlling the appearance of women:

Employers have long imposed dress codes on women in the workplace, demanding that women wear, for instance, high heels, stockings, makeup and dresses or skirts of an appropriate but feminine and alluring length. Employers have also mandated how women should wear their hair. Women of colour, and black women in particular, have faced discrimination in the workplace when they choose to wear their hair in natural styles or braids. Employers have also tried to constrain what women wear by discriminating against faith-based practices, barring, for example, Muslim women from wearing the hijab.

You can always expect a great essay from Gay and this is no different.

And lastly, some good news! Beverly Jenkins’ Deadly Sexy will be turned into a movie!


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