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Welcome to Lit Wicks! This is where we pair an author’s backlist with candles to really immerse yourself in the reading experience. All of the candles featured in these post are from Etsy, which means there is often worldwide shipping and that you’re supporting independent sellers. The Etsy candle rabbit hole is one I have gone down many times.

For March, we’re featuring one of my favorite authors: Kresley Cole! Her backlist includes historical romance, paranormal, YA, and erotica, so there is a lot of inspiration

If you’re curious about what other authors have received the Lit Wicks treatment, check out our category page!

If You Dare
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 MacCarrick Brothers: The MacCarrick Brothers series is Cole’s debut series and features a trio of brothers who believe they are cursed. They’re also Scottish, which means brawny, kilted men with thick…brogues. The following candles are meant to evoke the highlands of Scotland and warm, cozy plaid!

Candle: In the Wick of Time — The Highlands 8oz. ($17)

In the Wick of Time Highlands Scented Candle. A white soy candle in a jar with a green plaid label.

I love the packaging on this with the green plaid label. This candle is supposed to smell like heather, sea salt, and ocean water.

Candle: Kozy Korner — Show Us Yer Kilt ($14.65)

Kozy Korner candle Show Us Yer Kilt label with a background of a forestIt’s hard to get a full photo of the actual candle, so I’m unsure of the size. This candle has notes of wood, musk, and vanilla.

Candle: Flickering Fandom — Highlander 8oz. ($12) or 2.5oz wax melt ($5)

Flickering Fandoms Highlander scented candle. A green soy scented candle in a jar with a green and red plaid label.

Not only does this candle come in an 8oz. jar and a smaller wax melt, but Flickering Fandoms has a 4oz candle. It’s a nice middle ground!

A Hunger Like No Other
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Immortals After Dark: Oh boy! This is one of my favorite series and has currently has over fifteen books. It was incredibly tough to try and decide on scents for this since the series has so much! There’s magic, demons, shifters, and the books span all across the globe. Oh and even into mystical worlds.

These candles are great to pair with individual books, but are also great for a big binge read!

Wax Melt: The Country Escape — Oak Moss ($2.85)

The Country Escape Oak Moss wax melt. Six cubes of a muted green wax to be melted.

The main base of operations for the Valkyries in the series is in a swampy, marshy area of Louisiana, so I thought this would be a fitting scent. The shop offers a discount on large orders of melts (packs of 3, 6, 8, etc.), which means you can pick some additional scents if any catch your eye!

Candle: Black Arrow Candles — Valkyrie ($15.46)

Black Arrow Candles Valkyrie scent. A jar with a marbled label and a black lid.

Candle: Chubby’s Candles — Lightning Strike 4oz. ($5)

Chubby's Candles Lightning Strike. A light blue candle in a short jar with a parchment-style label.

In the series, Valkyries trigger lightning storms when experiencing strong emotions. This candle’s scent is “crisp air before a storm.” Very romantic!

Candle: Wit and Wicks — The She Wolf 8oz. ($16)

Wit and wicks she wolf candle. A white candle in a clear jar with a crisp, white label.

If memory serves me, I think there’s only one book that has a shifter heroine, MacRieve ( A | BN | K | G | iB ). I demand more, please! This scent features notes of crocus, orange, mint, and just a hint of chili.

Poison Princess
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The Arcana Chronicles: This is the only series of Cole’s I haven’t read yet, though I do own the first two books. This is a post-apocalyptic young adult series set in Louisiana. There’s some paranormal funny business going on and a lot of the magic and mysticism in the series is heavily influenced by Tarot cards. Sounds cool, right?

Candle: Mad Darling — Jazz on Frenchmen ($16)

Mad Darling Jazz on Frenchmen candle. A cardboard box with printed text. Next to it is a white candle in an amber jar.

This candle has a more “masculine” scent of oak and amber, which I think pairs well with the mysteriousness of the series.

Candle: Burke Hare Co. — Tarot Thirteen 6oz. ($13)

Burke Hare Co. Tarot Thirteen candle. A white candle in a clear jar with a label patterned with skulls.

The thirteenth tarot card is usually death, which I know doesn’t immediately bring to mind a pleasant smell. But death plays a large role in this series and the candle’s scent has notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and cardamom. Sweet and spicy.

Candle: Tarot Avenue — The Lovers ($16.27)

Tarot Avenue The Lovers Candle. A white candle in a clear jar positioned next to The Lovers tarot card.

The Professional
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The Game Maker: Each of the three books takes place in a specific city or country. The first book is set in Russia. However, it was incredibly tough to find a candle to bring to mind a Russian scent. Instead, I opted for something from the heroine’s home state: Nebraska. The second setting is in Miami and the third book takes place in Vegas. I promise the Vegas candle doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke!

Wax Melt: House Warming Max Welts – Sharp Dressed Man ($3.50)

House Warming Wax Melts - Sharp Dressed Man. A white and black wax melt decorated with cute wax ties and glasses.

Candle: Hello You Candles — Nebraska 8oz. ($20)

Hello You Candles - Nebraska. A white candle in a white jar. The label has a silhouette of Nebraska and a metal lid.

Candle: Olfactorie Candles — Miami 10oz. ($30)

Olfactorie Candles in Miami scent. A white candle in a clear jar. The wick is square and likely to produce a crackling effect.

Candle: Calico Basin Scent Co. — Las Vegas Lounge 10oz. ($15.99)

Calico Basin Scent Company. Las Vegas Lounge scent gin and tonic candle. An off white candle in a glass mason jar.

That covers all of Cole’s series! But since the Immortals After Dark series is so huge, what other scents would you include? What candle would you pick for your favorite IAD book? 

Let me know what author I should do next!

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