Lit Wicks: Zoe Archer/Eva Leigh

Welcome to Lit Wicks! This is where we pair an author’s backlist with candles to really immerse yourself in the reading experience. All of the candles featured in these post are from Etsy, which means there is often worldwide shipping and that you’re supporting independent crafters and sellers. The Etsy candle rabbit hole is one I have gone down many times.

We’re honoring author Eva Leigh/Zoe Archer with November’s Lit Wicks selection! Her Blades of the Rose series is one of my favorite romance collections and the other bitches at SBTB HQ have really enjoyed her historical romances.

If you’re curious about what other authors have received the Lit Wicks treatment, check out our category page. And if you’d like to suggest an author’s backlist for a future Lit Wicks column, please email me!

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Blades of the Rose series: What I love about this quartet is the sense of place Archer creates. Each book is distinct in its characters and settings. Oh, and don’t let me forget about all the adventure! Warrior is set in hot, humid, and desert climes. Scoundrel takes place in Greece. Rebel is all about very cold, arctic shenanigans. And Stranger features a smart inventor who takes great pride in his study. I wanted the candles for each book to reflect these elements.

Candle: Wood and Wax Co. — Desert Rose Candle 9oz. ($18.50)

An off white candle in a glass jar. It's resting on a light wood table. The label has colorful pastel flowers on it.

The description refers to this candle as “spicy and alluring.” Which I think I want to etch onto my tombstone.

CandleAgapé Candles — Santorini 11.8oz. ($24.00)

A white candle in a squat glass jar. The label is minimalist with thin, sans serif text. There are pink peonies nearby.

Though I’ve never been to Greece, I imagine there’s just a fresh ocean breeze everywhere you go. This candle has hints of white orchid and sea salt.

Candle: Miss Wish Garden — Snow Flake 8oz. ($10.00)

One tall candle and one short candle in glass mason jars. They're sitting on a stump surrounded by pine needles and pinecones.

I will admit that Christmas-y candle scents are my absolutely favorite. They’re more masculine and less floral. This particular candle has notes of mint, cedar wood, and iced rose.

Candle: GB Candle Company — Gentleman’s Study 4oz. ($7.95)

A candle in a black tin with a lid. It's on a worn wooden table next to a bound leather journal.

Out of all the candles for Blades of the Rose, I think this one is the most fitting! The hero, Catallus, definitely has many leather-bound books that he cracks open in front of a roaring fireplace with a warm beverage at hand.

The Wicked Quills of London series: This trio of historical romances features three very different writer heroines: a gossip columnist, a playwright, and an author of erotic fiction. I hope these candles represent their heroines well!

Candle: NOLA Candles — Smells Like Gossip 9oz. ($21.60)

A candle in a black matte jar with a light wooden lid. What does gossip smell like, you ask? Well sparkling pomegranate Prosecco! Though on the listing, it seems like you can change the scent, if you’d prefer something else. This candle is in honor of Eleanor in Forever Your Earl, who is always a sucker for a good scandal.

Candle: Icey Designs — Writer’s Desk 8oz. ($18.00)

A tan candle in a glass jar. It's rest on a handwritten letter, surrounded by books.

Maggie from Scandal Takes the Stage is a playwright and she’s squirreled herself away at the hero’s country estate to get some writing done. I might buy this candle because the three scents it contains are sandalwood, cedar, and apples. Sounds warm and cozy!

Candle: Sweet House Candles — Romance ($15.00)

A candle in a dark glass jar with a wooden lid. The label is teal and white.

Temptations of a Wallflower is meta in the sense that it’s a historical romance and the heroine writes erotic fiction. However, trying to find an “erotic romance” themed candle produced a lot of peen-shaped candles in my search results. So I settled for something simple with a gardenia (LOVE!) and rose scented candle.

London Underground series: This is Leigh’s latest series, with two books currently out for your reading pleasure! The third arrives on December 24th.

So far, each book has an “underground” theme with the heroine in the first book running a gaming hell and the heroine of the second book being a smuggler. Hell, yeah!

Candle: Ash and Quill Candles — Gambler’s Ruin 7oz. ($11.45)

A burnt red candle in a glass jar with a yellow metal lid.

This candle was actually used for another book,  Ace of Shades ( A | BN | K | G | AB ), but we’re repurposing it for From Duke Till Dawn ( A | BN | K | G | AB ). Gambling and casino games plays a large part in both books. This candle has notes of cherries, bourbon, and coffee liqueur. Sounds good enough to eat.

Candle: Crafted Harmony Co. — English Garden 7oz. ($10.20)

Two differently sized light green candles on a warm, wooden table. Behind the candles are green vines of ivy.

The hero of Counting on a Countess has dreams of opening up a pleasure garden and an “English garden” scented candle might make that dream a sensory reality while you’re reading! A couple of the floral scents included are jasmine and lily. And if you really want to round out the reading experience, I made a cocktail for this book as well!

That’s all for Zoe Archer/Eva Leigh! However, she does have a new book coming out soon and I wonder what we’d pair with that one! What do you think?

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