Movie Matinee Discussion: Broadcast News

Tonight is the night! At 8pm ET this evening, the window below will go live with our discussion of the 1987 film Broadcast News.

There is so much to talk about with this film. It’s both relevant to today and a time capsule of the 80s. And there’s Joan Cusack who is my favorite in everything.

First, let’s reserve space here for the discussion window:


Live Blog SB Movie Matinee Discussion: Broadcast News

And, by request, if you’d like to participate in a separate or popup window:

Click Here for Popup Chat Window

We have a lot to talk about, and I’m very curious about your questions and what you’d like to discuss, too! So if you have something you’d like to make sure I bring up or you have a question, please email me!

I can’t wait to chat with you about this movie. Bring your beverages and your best slouchy socks and shoulder pads, and see you at 8pm!

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