Podcast Episode Recommendations, December 20th, 2018 Edition

I have collected a number of podcast episodes I want to share – and I want to hear what episodes are rocking your eardrums, too!

The Nod “Saving Grace,” from The Nod, a podcast about Black culture in America, just about lifted the top of my head off, and made me sniffly while I walked the dogs. Autumn is a young woman who falls in absolute love with the videogame The Sims. When she faces a terrible loss, she uses the game, with additional modifications, to help her though it. It’s a thoughtful, wrenching examination of how we process emotions, and how powerful video game technology can be, especially when enhanced by collaborative content.

Another episode of The Nod that I loved: “To All the Boys in Rom-Coms Who Suck.” It’s like Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings, the hosts, reached into my brain and found all the things about terrible heroes that I loathe, and then made a list. Then Brittany goes into detail about a character from “Living Single” who is an underrated, under appreciated heroic masterpiece. It’s terrific.

Lifehacker - the upgrade podcast

A recent re-broadcast from Lifehacker’s The Upgrade might be very interesting to romance writers and readers: “How to Have Great Sex in a Long-Term Relationship, With Therapist Stephen Snyder.” You might not agree with everything, but I thought part of it was a fascinating discussion of what arousal is, and what it does.

And finally, this one may cause you to add a LOT of 90’s pop to your playlist. It had that effect on me. The latest episode of Slate’s Hit Parade traces Britney Spears’ “…Baby one more time” backwards though about 30 years of pop history, and explains why so much of pop music today is produced by Swedish music folks. Have a listen: “Hit Parade: The Give Me a Sign Edition – How an introverted Swedish producer and a showbiz kid from Louisiana made the late 1990s’ most influential No. 1 hit.”

And my condolences to your playlists after you’re done.

What episodes of podcasts have rocked your world lately? Please share if you’d like! 

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