Romance Wanderlust: Summer Lodge Country House Hotel, Restaurant and Spa

Romance Wanderlust - a yellowed and burnt edge map with a compass in the corner, with Romance Wanderlust written across itThis month’s Romance Wanderlust was contributed in the most confidential manner over tea by Lady Freesia de Bergamot. Her comments do not reflect the views of this establishment. We are not responsible for any historical anachronisms that may appear. We have not visited the location in question and this is neither a review nor an endorsement.

My Dear, I simply MUST tell you about this Hotel. It’s a Georgian-Era house that contains both Literary History and Wi-Fi. Let us take a turn around the room and I’ll tell you all about it.

As you have no doubt heard, the Summer Lodge Country House Hotel is located in Evershot, Dorset. It was built in 1798 but the owners expanded it in 1893. Since then the stables have been converted into more rooms. I don’t think that’s proper, is it? For me to sleep in a stable? Even one that is unrecognizable as a former stable and is instead covered with floral fabrics? When in Rome, I suppose. The renovations left room for a heated pool, and you know Sir George does find the waters to be most beneficial to his health.

The Lodge at night, lit from within

The house was designed in part by Thomas Hardy. The papers rave about him, but he’s terribly vulgar, don’t you think? All those sheep! He mentions the Lodge’s town of Evershot in Tess of the D’Urbervilles. He even mentions the Acorn Inn by name, where we sometimes indulge ourselves in more common fare than the hotel provides. Winston Churchill stayed in the town, and so did T.E. Lawrence. Honestly, the area is positively dripping with history. I do think a woman’s accomplishments should include improving her mind by reading, don’t you? Oh, look at that bonnet!

What was I saying? Oh yes, we were discussing dining.

The Hotel restaurant is definitely up to our standards, Darling, although Sir George, who only consumes Vegetable Matter due to his Delicate Stomach, will find but limited options. Praise the heavens he still eats cheese, of which they offer twenty-seven different types!

Of course you must meet us at Afternoon Tea, it’s scrumptious.

Afternoon tea items on a tray in the garden.

Young people today seem to crave Outdoor Exercise. I suppose it’s fine for young women, just protect your skin, and for heaven’s sake don’t overset yourself or catch a chill. The gardens are lovely and include croquet, tennis, and giant chess. The hotel is next to a 600-acre deer park should you feel terribly bold and vigorous. I prefer to visit the Spa, myself.

I approved of my room, but Sir George thought it had too many flounces. Really!

Just because everything is pastel and covered with fabric and curtains and flower prints and actual flowers, he has to be all stuffy. I thought it was perfect. Many of the rooms have fireplaces, and in the evening the staff place a hot water bottle in your bed. I expect it’s drafty in the winter, don’t you? These big houses, so difficult to heat properly.

The Master Bedroom. Many flounces. With draperies and patterend wallpaper a massive chandelier and bed hangings to match the drapes and literally a dozen pillows

Luckily the Lodge allows Pets. I wouldn’t dream of travelling without my little Fou-Fou, now would I? She gets her own bed and food bowl and towel. Children over seven are not permitted, which I think best – shouldn’t children under seven be confined to the Nursery? That’s right, Fou-Fou!

Well, Dear, if you go, I’m sure you’ll meet some Eligible Men. Look for wedding parties and anniversaries – some rich young handsome cousin will no doubt be standing about, eyeing the floral prints with suspicion.

Best of luck, Darling! Toodles!

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