The Rec League: Setting the Autumn Mood

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old bookAs part of our continuing week of fall and Halloween excitement, we want to know which books get your in the mood for autumn!

Sarah: A recent comment on the review I wrote for Spellbinding Love asked for more “cozy witch romances” which I realized is one of my favorite types of paranormal romances.

I’d recommend Slouch Witch by Helen Harper ( A ), and Lauren Dane’s Diablo Lake series, which is about a secret town with all kinds of paranormal creatures in it.

Elyse: I’d say The Witch of Willow Hall ( A | BN | K | G | AB ) with the warning that it contains violence to animals and suicidal ideation.

Her Halloween Treat
A | BN | K | AB

Amanda: Her Halloween Treat by Tiffany Reisz. She also has a Thanksgiving one. I like that she focused on holidays we don’t see a lot of in romance. I’m looking at you Christmas!

Two other books favorably discussed on the site are His Road Home by Anna Richland and Apples Should Be Red by Penny Watson . More Thanksgiving romances.

I’d also like to recommend Wicked Abyss by Kresley Cole ( A | BN | K | G | AB ). It’s a paranormal romance that takes place in Hell and features a magical castle and a tough heroine.

Which books help you with the changing of the seasons?

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