Tuesday, July 16th, 8pm ET: I’ll be Live on Vokl’s Behind the Podcast!

Vokl Logo - a red circle talking with the words get vokl in white Tuesday, July 16th at 8pm ET, I’ll be interviewed on GetVokl’s Behind the Podcast, answering questions about podcasting and, well, whatever else they ask me.

I’m in the first half hour, and then host Adamo Barbieri will be interviewing Zibby Owens from the “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books” podcast. Then there’s a live Q&A, so if you’ve got questions, you can ask!

This is video, too, so you can get a peek at the cover art on my office walls, while I ponder which lipstick and which primer to go with prior to airtime. Thanks to Amanda, I have a fairly robust collection of matte lipsticks that I love a whole lot.

I hope you’ll tune in! You can watch live at 8pm ET on July 16th at GetVokl.com. See you then!

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